A LOT has happened since our last post so here’s to catching you all up on some of our sessions (and shenanigans…) Kate & Travis actually just got married, so I figured I’d take you back to where it started for us. Red Robin.  It’s actually one of their favorite spots and was a fun […]

Well, we finally returned to the equipment-stealing Garden of the Gods with the lovely Amber and her charming fiance, Jeremy.  Even though I believe we were technically under a heat advisory, we boldly defied the weather gods and went anyway.  We had rescheduled twice already due to weather so the heat was nothing (well kinda)! […]

It doesn’t have to be scary, though; there are unlimited resources out there at your disposal. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts… so here are ours! Over the course of the next couple weeks I am going to take you through Joma’s Top Ten tricks for planning the perfect wedding day […]

Joleigh’s back and writing blogs again! I decided to venture out for an entire day without my little guy and it turned out to produce some of our most beautiful engagement photos to date (Pantene Pro-V photographers watch out!) as well as more hazards than any other engagement shoot I’ve been on. The afternoon started […]

So Mary has been updating the blog for us lately… and I figured I should probably do it once in a great while so that you know I’m still here (35 weeks pregnant, but still here!). We spent the first half of our brother’s birthday (before the surprise party… watch for another blog post on […]

Hey look! Two posts in one day! Am I going crazy or what! 😀 This weekend was one full of firsts for Joleigh and me. We got to do our *first* legitimate snow day shoot, we got our first doses of the Greek Life (not to be confused with Joleigh’s trip to Greece in college), […]

Meet Nicki & Ryan – our first couple (so far!) of 2011. This past weekend we braved the cold and headed out to Scales Lake in Boonville, IN with Nicki, Ryan, and their dogs Macy & Sierra. Have to say the entire shoot was a phenomenal success, so long as you don’t figure in the […]