Well, we finally returned to the equipment-stealing Garden of the Gods with the lovely Amber and her charming fiance, Jeremy.  Even though I believe we were technically under a heat advisory, we boldly defied the weather gods and went anyway.  We had rescheduled twice already due to weather so the heat was nothing (well kinda)!

I must say this, and I’ve said it to more than one person regarding this shoot: you know a couple loves each other DEARLY when they can snuggle up in 95 degree humid heat!

The theme of the day was chasing the sun.  We decided to start the shoot at 6:30 since any earlier, it was still in the 90’s.  I think it was in the 90’s until the sun actually went down, anyway.  We started out at the head of the trail where the sun was peeking through the trees and creating a beautiful golden glow on the couple.  Like they needed it… 🙂

The sun must have been gotten to Mary.  She started shooting all things pretty, not just Amber.  Here is a photo of a butterfly she found basking in the warmth of magic hour.  This is not the happy couple.  It is a beautiful butterfly, though.

From the trail head, we moved out onto the rocks.  We had fun playing with the light.  The heat was doing some neat things with the sky (or perhaps it was doing neat things with our sanity) so we took advantage of it and put the couple up the highest spot we had found thus far.  Man, I had my light great and guess what happened… no we didn’t lose another camera, thank God, but my batteries died in my flash.  And guess who didn’t remember to bring my spares in the bag… so I darted off like a spritely mountain goat through the boulders to get back to the car quickly and grab spares.  Mary, in the meantime, snagged this beautiful shot.

So I get back and go to replace the batteries and Garden of the Gods stole yet another piece of equipment: a rechargeable battery.  Such a mean park.  This is me attempting to get it.  The rock was too heavy to move.  There’s a free battery to anyone with 5 ft. long arms under a rock in Shawneetown.

However, this is the result of my impromptu adventure back through the treacherous landscape and the sacrifice of a precious battery.  Check out Amber in her sassy boots – she was a natural on the rocks.


The day wound down quickly and we had fun playing with the couple and the sun on top of the world.  It was cool to see the sun and moon at the same time.

So with the only casualty of the day being a battery, and the 3 million bugs that checked out my windshield on the way home, I present to you the rest of their photos.  They turned out beautifully!