A LOT has happened since our last post so here’s to catching you all up on some of our sessions (and shenanigans…)

Kate & Travis actually just got married, so I figured I’d take you back to where it started for us.

Red Robin.  It’s actually one of their favorite spots and was a fun place to shoot!


Here’s Samantha modeling for light testing.  I told her if she really wants a mustache, we need to just be patient and maybe she’ll get one when she is a grown up… (none of us will ever get mustaches if that’s the case…)


From Red Robin, we visited Eastland Mall, where Travis has a Fred Meyer store.  One in a long list that he’s opened.  If I’m not mistaken, they are in the process of opening one in Atlanta!  Watch for the ring shot from the wedding.  The man knows his jewelry!

We attempted a long exposure shot, and it turned out alright, but the best part was trying to get it made.  We made new friends in the security guards and some wonderful strangers who were willing to be a part of the photo.  We even saw a couple that we knew!  (Yes, they knew the girl in the next photo).

4x6_IMG_8517 4x6_IMG_8521

Our last stop was Wesselman Park.  One of my favorite places – I actually play volleyball here pretty regularly so I knew it’d be a good place to wrap up.  Kate & Travis were professional frolickers (we were all a little slap happy by this point) so we goofed off for a bit before getting a couple of absolute gems.

collage IMG_8606_Bw IMG_8641

It was hard not to fall in love with our couple and that’s exactly what happened.  Although I shot their engagement, Mary took lead on the wedding and I’ve looked through it and Kate is probably one of the most adorable brides we’ve ever had.  It was absolutely gorgeous, guys!  Can’t wait to show those off, too  🙂