Joleigh’s back and writing blogs again!

I decided to venture out for an entire day without my little guy and it turned out to produce some of our most beautiful engagement photos to date (Pantene Pro-V photographers watch out!) as well as more hazards than any other engagement shoot I’ve been on.

The afternoon started out relatively tame.  We picked up Kiersten and Scott on Evansville’s west side and enjoyed a sunny ride out to Illinois’ Garden of the Gods.  It was armpit hot in Evansville but once we were in the forest and near all the huge rocks and caves, it felt much cooler.  Either that or since it took us an hour to get there, the temperature dropped.  Which would make more sense.

We arrived at Garden of the Gods late afternoon and just started walking down the trails opting to be very careful with our equipment with a ‘hand off and climb’ policy. It was also very hot, which would explain why the one time we neglected the aforementioned policy, the camera strap decided to unbutton its blouse and cool off a bit. Unfortunately…an unclasped strap + gravity equates to a polarizer crushed into the front of a lens, and a dead camera.  We’re smart girls, though.  We had a backup.  So once we stopped crying and buried the dead camera (ok maybe we turned it in to insurance, but it SHOULD have gotten a proper burial – it was a true friend), we were back to business.

We moved from Garden of the Gods to Iron Furnace.  On the way, Mary mentioned, at every field, I’m pretty sure, how great the late afternoon light was and how perfect it would be to shoot there.  We did finally decide on a field and stepped out to get some of the prettiest golden hour shots we’ve done to date.  Mary shot with the zoom while I attempted to run backward bouncing light on the happy couple.  After cautiously avoiding eye contact with any passers by who might happen to own the field, we made haste to the Iron Furnace.

We didn’t actually take any shots at the Iron Furnace but did manage to crash a back-country family reunion of sorts as we shot the couple frolicking downstream from kids clad in nothing but their underwear being chaperoned by their parents who were mostly intoxicated and freely relieving themselves on their cars without worry nor care as to who might see (who indeed – not like there were any cameras around or anything!).  Come to think of it, perhaps letting Kiersten and Scott play DOWNstream was not the best plan… but I’m sure it was fine.

On the way back, we found a stream that was not already occupied and caught another couple sweet moments.  What you don’t see in the pictures is the questionable log I was walking on to get the pictures, or Kiersten insisting on removing any spider’s webs with a stick before she would pose properly.  In her defense, she did take the webs down herself.

Sunset pictures were the last item on the list but the sun was setting.


So we tried to hurry and catch it.  However, back country guard dogs must’ve reckoned we needed stopping so they tried.  And tried.  And after about 5 minutes, 4 dogs, Kiersten with the camera in hand and several attempts at getting ahead of the black lab who insisted on staying in front of my left tire, we managed to peel out on the gravel road and barely outrun the lab.  Joma has a strict no-dog-squishing policy and we’ll be damned if we were going to break that rule.

We also have a no-turtle-crushing policy that Mary was happy to help us stick to (Disclaimer: Mary & I are NOT usually in the photos so, yes, sometimes we look like this).  Crazy turtles.

Okay, so that sunset.  I was driving 75-80 up the highway trying to get out of the hills so we could actually see the sun!  We did note the white car that I was quickly catching up to somewhat resembled a police car.  I decided, once we found the sun, that it was likely a good time to pull off.   The sunset pictures were beautiful – nothing like a southern Indiana… or southern Illinois sunset to top off an engagement shoot.

So we were finally on our way home and guess what we caught in addition to the sunset…

Luckily, I just got a warning.  Worth it!  Enjoy the rest of their photos!