Nicki & Ryan | The Engagement

Meet Nicki & Ryan – our first couple (so far!) of 2011. This past weekend we braved the cold and headed out to Scales Lake in Boonville, IN with Nicki, Ryan, and their dogs Macy & Sierra. Have to say the entire shoot was a phenomenal success, so long as you don’t figure in the fact that Mary wore her usual chucks to do the shoot, which isn’t necessarily the best footwear one could choose when hiking around in the melting snow/slush-crazy woods….still recovering from the cold that one brought on.

We are SO excited to shoot this couple’s wedding in April! One of the absolute coolest things about our job is getting in close with a couple and really getting to see why it is they’re getting married. This couple left absolutely NO doubt in our mind that we were in for a treat this Spring! Check out the rest of their pictures here.

As we’re getting to know a couple we’re going to work with, one of our favorite things to do is to find out how exactly they got engaged. We LOVE hearing the stories! A little back story on the ring on the dog collar shot… apparently Ryan used their new puppy, Macy, a beautiful yellow lab, to do the asking for him. He zip-tied the ring to her collar and let her run at Nicki. I guess that’s one way to avoid the ‘pre-will-you jitters’ we’ve heard so much about!

We’d love to hear some of your other stories!