So Mary has been updating the blog for us lately… and I figured I should probably do it once in a great while so that you know I’m still here (35 weeks pregnant, but still here!).

We spent the first half of our brother’s birthday (before the surprise party… watch for another blog post on this one… yayy for sisters) at Seven Hills Stables up near Daylight, IN.  We arrived in style – drove around the wrong part of the farm, rustled up a couple chickens and finally found our happy couple.  Lauren and Drew are a gorgeous couple and we really weren’t sure what to expect since we hadn’t yet met Drew.  I don’t assume anything, anymore.  Well here’s what we drove up to: Drew wielding a bottle of soap and Lauren with a wet towel hovering over Lola, their adorable beagle.  Why you might ask?  Because Lola did what hounds instinctively do.  She found some horse leftovers and rolled around in them!  Emma and Grayson, their weimaraners, were happily running around the property while Lauren and Drew demonstrated their ability to work through problems with grace as a couple.  We’re so not worried about these guys.


After they got Lola cleaned up enough for pictures (believe me, we were all thankful!) we got the little family together down by the lake for a few shots.  The dogs were really well behaved which was a relief because again, you never know what you’re going to get when you throw animals and children into the mix!  They were super sweet and we managed to snap a couple shots where EVERYONE was looking!

Once the dogs were back in the car, we explored the property and took a few pictures in and around the small church, school house and other buildings that they have out there.  The property by the lake resembles a little colonial village almost, so it was really neat to get to see the insides of all the buildings.  I especially liked the bar (which looks like it is probably still functional).  🙂

Between the dogs, the horses, wind and wet grass, we really got to see what troopers these two are.  We got some great shots and can’t wait until we shoot their wedding in October!  Here’s a few more sneak peeks – enjoy!