It doesn’t have to be scary, though; there are unlimited resources out there at your disposal. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts… so here are ours! Over the course of the next couple weeks I am going to take you through Joma’s Top Ten tricks for planning the perfect wedding day here in the Tri-State, and introduce you to some of our favorite vendors. Here’s hoping I can keep it organized! Also, I apologize in advance for any tangents, I tend to rant, so, you have been warned!

#1: The Wedding Planner

It seems only fitting that our place to start, then, would be whether or not to hire a wedding planner. For many brides-to-be, hiring one is not necessary: you’ve been keeping trapper keepers filled with clippings and planning details since middle school, you’re the most organized person you know, and you truly, genuinely enjoy making appointments, managing details; your family and friends have already offered to help you every step of the way and to top it all off, you have all the time in the world! If this is not the case, however, we would highly recommend you look into hiring a wedding planner.

Working with a wedding planner can be a huge relief. Many are anxious about incurring the extra cost associated with wedding planners, but know this: these people are experts in their field and are skilled at working with a budget. Whereas most of us will only get married once and this is the only wedding we will ever plan, wedding planners do this every day. Chances are good, also, that as they have pre-established relationships with many of the wedding vendors in your area, they’ll be able to negotiate deals that you would be hard-pressed to settle on your own.

You pay them to handle details you wouldn’t think of on yourself. Their services include things like budget creation, floor plan, design/decor, creating the wedding day itinerary and directing the rehearsal…just to name a few. When you’re working with the right wedding planner, your wedding day will appear seamless to your guests, and only you and your planner will know that that result is from hours of hard work and detailed planning.

MARRIED! Nicki and Ryan April 2, 2011

The best part of it? As soon as you commit to the investment of hiring a wedding coordinator, the wedding day becomes less daunting and you can spend more time focusing on what is really important: marrying your best friend. On the day of the wedding, you don’t have to worry whether or not that cake has been delivered to the reception site or if the caterers can get into the hall. You won’t need to bother with ceremony decorations or telling the DJ where he needs to set up. All those details that would detract from you enjoying your big day are covered, and you can just kick back, say I do, and enjoy this day with your new husband and all the family and friends that have come out to celebrate with you.

Joma’s favorite wedding planner? Planning Forever Events 
Joleigh worked with Saundra Hadley for her wedding back in 2007 and will gladly tell anyone that hiring Saundra was one of the best investments she made for her wedding day. Saundra and her team at planning forever are fun, creative, professional and awesome.

Give them a look, and decide for yourself whether or not a wedding planner is for you!

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