Every once in a while, I like to post a detail photo (or a wide-angle one) of something that’s not easily recognizable as shot.  Today, I posted a photo of something very near and dear to my heart.  Something that, up close, doesn’t immediately inspire smiles and oohs and aahs.  But, once you know the story, it’s even better up close!

This is a macro image of my engagement ring.  I’m zoomed pretty far into the photo so there’s some grain visible.


When I first saw this through the lens, I thought, “Crap I need to get my ring serviced.”  But then, I really looked at it and realized that the ring was just the beginning of this story.  About a decade ago, it was shiny and smooth, bright white gold, just beautiful.  Over those ten years, my husband has taken me on more adventures than I can count (in fact, when he designed the ring, he asked the jeweler to put extra prongs to hold the diamond “just in case she gets chased by a bear and has to climb a tree, I don’t want the diamond to fall out”).  On those adventures, I’ve scratched this ring on so many things and covered it in so much dust and dirt, it’s unbelievable.

Then, we had two children.  I’ve scratched the ring on the rocks I’ve pulled out of Leo’s pant pockets.  I’ve played in the sand with this ring.  I’ve chased my children around the living room floor on all fours and handled more cleaning chemicals to hide evidence of my  kids (like the blue popsicle stain in the carpet or red sparkly nail polish on my sink) than I probably should while wearing a ring.

But you know what, I’m a storyteller at heart.  That’s why I am a photographer and I feel, on some weird microscopic level, I have my own little love story scratched in tiny unreadable words on my ring.  And it’s perfect.

To all our current and future couples: we love seeing your rings and we are looking forward to seeing how perfectly imperfect they are in 10 years, too!