We came across an incredible article recently that just 100% hit home for us.

Every time I go to my parents’ house, I walk a little slower through the hallway to see all the photos of our friends from when we lived in Texas, my cousins, my late grandpa, current grandparents, and all the other special people that have been in our family pictures throughout the years.  I drag out the old albums occasionally.  There’s always been something special about touching a print.  I love looking through my parents’ wedding album and gently turning each page as if it could crumble at any second.  I love the SMELL of old photographs and now… my 5-year old daughter prefers sitting on my lap looking through albums to staring at a computer screen.  My kids adore seeing pictures of their own family up and also ask to have one in their own rooms.  I figured this feeling had to be founded in some psychology somewhere!  Turns out, it’s beneficial to have family portraits up in our homes!  Check out this article at www.designaglow.com

Family portraits help boost a child’s self esteem