Party of the year a’la Impulse Hair Salon!

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Logan and Sean Sutton said their “I-do’s” this past September (I know, I know, I’m late on blogging!) and thus ensued one of the best parties we’ve been honored to photograph to date! Logan (Hafele) Sutton is the daughter of Impulse Hair Salon’s Marc Hafele… now let me tell you, you’ve never seen a better styled group of people! There were hair stylists and makeup artists in the wedding, around the wedding, and planning the wedding! I’ve never felt my work-ponytail was more out of place. We started the day off, naturally, at Impulse Hair Salon, and the place was just rocking. Not only did we have a bride and her five bridesmaids and a bridesdude, we had a father of the bride, a mother of the bride, a grandmother of the bride, a flowergirl, a ringbearer, at least a dozen guests came and went, and goodness only knows what else.

Now, I’ve got to do a bit of a shout out right here. Interjecting myself, if you will. If you are still on the market for your hairstylist on the big day (or ANY day, they cut both mine and Joleigh’s hair on a regular basis) do yourself a favor and check out Impulse Hair Salon in Newburgh, Indiana. Their overall quality of product is unmatched in not only incredible hair styles, but friendly staff, and in a relaxing but fun atmosphere. But alas, I digress.

Back to Logan! The rest of the day was just a blast. We moved to the church for a beautiful ceremony. Marc phrased it best “It’s like a cinderella wedding”. And it really was. There’s a lot to be said for decorating the church up a little bit. Candles at every pew…. flowers everywhere, it was a photographer’s dream! Hands down, the best part of the day was watching Sean and Logan’s faces while they looked at each other throughout the ceremony. Their love really was palpable that day.

The rest of the night moved on as it should. We headed over to SWIRCA’s Ivy Room in downtown Evansville and met up with DJ/music duo JR & Saxman. The party was an absolute blast, and yes, Joleigh and I were out on the floor dancing up the cha cha slide and cupid shuffle with the guests just as much as we were shooting. I believe by the end of the night, while everyone was breaking down to ‘Cotton-Eyed-Joe’ (that dance is SO fun to watch when done properly), we announced this group as the best dancing group of reception people of the whole year. Congrats!

Now here, I’ll shush, and let the photos tell the rest of the story. Logan and Sean, the two of you were absolutely beautiful, and we thank you so much for allowing us to share in your day!!

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