Someone out there knows we can still shoot seniors!

No no, not the geriatric kind.  We shot a bunch of them last Christmas.

I kid!  We would never shoot someone, but we’d be happy to take their picture.  Meet Bekah, a very colorful senior from Boonville HS that just happens to have an incredibly photogenic yard (not to mention a pretty face)!  We got really lucky with this on-location shoot in Boonville and are totally looking forward to seeing Bekah and her mom again.

We were treated to a jam session in the living room, spent some time by the lake, relaxed in the shade and goofed off in the fields behind their home.  It really was fun so if all the metallic-paper wallet photos make it into hands of seniors that still need pictures, let’s do it!  Breaks up the weddings, anyway…

Check it out – – –