Through Their Eyes

It’s picture day!

You’re a parent – and now you have to color-coordinate everyone in the photo, shower, do your hair, put on your makeup or accessories of choice, manage any baby leaks that happen and do so while ignoring the fact that you’re really hoping your stray hairs, wrinkles, stretch marks, lumps and bumps, skin imperfections or any other flaw that our brains wildly exaggerate, will not show up in the pictures.

But what we forget is that all of those “imperfections” are created in our minds over the many years that we’ve taken to get to this point.  I know this is a fact because every time I shoot a baby session or child and family session, the expression on the faces of these children doesn’t reflect any disdain for any imperfections, but rather an overflowing amount of love an adoration of this flawless human.

(I have to throw in a disclaimer – my featured image on this post is of a couple whose wedding I had the privilege of shooting.  Amber, the mom, was cool as a cucumber. I don’t think she complained once.  And she was beautiful.  Jeremy – you were beautiful, too.)  😀

Which brings me to an idea: I’m going to offer some mini-sessions where the tables are turned.  Parents – go ahead and clean up, brush your hair, do your make-up, whatever… but then, let your kids dress you.  And themselves!

I’ll have some dress-up clothes available.  Kids are free to dress up as princes, princesses, pirates, Teenage Mutant Knight-In-Shining-Armor Queens with a Nerf gun… I don’t care.  I want to tell the kids they get to look at their moms and dress them in whatever they think would look beautiful on her.  Show us how brave and handsome their dad is.  Maybe your kids’ favorite times were when you were being silly but your professional photographs never show that.  Let’s make something that reflects the crazy and beauty that is your family.  And we’ll do that by letting the most honest members of our households call the shots.

We all miss the innocence of childhood and enjoy watching the unimpeded joy and freeness of our children playing.  Let’s capture a few of those moments, shall we?  Keep an eye out for the date announcements for the “Through Their Eyes” sessions!

IMG_8610 IMG_3326