Laura and I (Joleigh) have been talking about this particular subject for over a year, now.

Professional baby photography does so much more than preserve a face.  The details we capture help remind moms of the softness of their baby’s skin, the smell of their little heads, and so many more little tiny things that we forget to easily in our sleep-deprived states.

These memories are too precious to be allowed to fade.  Too many of us (myself, included, believe it or not!) just can’t afford the price tag of the boutique baby portrait process.  It is a fun process and produces a large number of incredible images!  We have gathered around our viewing and ordering table multiple times helping clients decide what to keep in and what to let go.  It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap.

Now, there are some absolutely incredible newborn and baby photographers in our area!  We are fortunate to even be friends with some of them and the services that they provide are phenomenal.  Carry on, ladies!  The clients we want to see come in are the ones who miss out on having a few professional images of their sweet babies because they didn’t think this was a luxury they could afford.

WE BELIEVE that beautiful, affordable, professional and safe portraits should be available to all moms.

We just don’t think everyone needs to spend $1,500 on it.  We don’t think you need to be here for 3 hours!  And we certainly don’t think that any new mom should sacrifice the safety of their baby to go to someone they CAN afford.

That’s why we created this and it is our passion.  Laura was a newborn photographer at St. Mary’s hospital for three years when she joined me here at Joma. We’ve been providing beautiful baby portraits alongside our other services ever since.  Back then, we subscribed to the notion that this was a luxury item (thank you photographer conventions) and charged what the industry told us to.

This year, we decided that it doesn’t have to be that way.


We are shortening sessions.

We are limiting product and image selection.

We changed our location.

And we are dropping the price.

What we are NOT changing is the quality of the service and images that we provide.  In fact, we are undergoing official newborn safety certification and working with other professionals to make sure that this service is available to our community for a long time.

Thank you for believing in Joma Studios and being a part of our growth over the last 10 years.  Tell all the moms you know that we’d love to see them in our new space where they will find a simple solution to their baby photography puzzle in The Baby Picture Place.