Your Investment

Each session includes a Prep Meeting where we will discuss your needs and style, plan ahead for your session, and have ideas ready for when we shoot so that our images exceed your expectations when they go up on your walls!  The session fee also includes a Viewing & Ordering Session.  This is where we will bring you into our studio and let you see all your images and decide what you’d like to do with them!  YourViewing & Ordering Session is at least as fun, if not more, than your session itself!

Our wedding packages start at $2,400 and are completely customizable.  Contact us to set up an appointment where we chat about your day and give you a folder that details all the pricing!

Year One, family, senior and other portrait session fees are $150 (sessions grouped Year One are significantly lower) during the week and $300 on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays.  We sell wall art and print products, but digital files are available as well.  Again, contact us for details on your specific needs!

Commercial work is quoted per job so please contact us with more information so that we can get you an accurate estimate.

Why do we charge more for the weekend?

So here’s a little background, because I know a weekend up charge for a photographer probably comes across as blasphemous! Starting in 2009, I shot all weekend almost every weekend! It was easy because I could take Monday & Tuesday off.  Then, I had my son, Leo, but I could still pull him out those days from daycare.  It was a little trickier getting grandparents on board to babysit the weekends, but we managed.  Fast forward, my daughter, Lilly, came along and our burden on the grandparents started getting a little heavier (they still adored them to bits, but I wasn’t the only one making grandbabies).  But, we still had our Mondays together!  Now, my little girl is about to start kindergarten and my son is starting 2nd grade.  My husband manages a nursing home and only has weekends off.  During the 2016 fall soccer season, I missed every. single. soccer game, countless birthday parties, and cartoon mornings with snuggles and coffee.  I was heartbroken and I can never get that time back. I promised my family and myself that I would restructure the business to prioritize them, because if not for them, why else are any of us pushing so hard?  But the thing is, I could charge a million dollars for the weekend and that would still never buy back the one thing that we treasure most as parents: time.

So, I positioned the weekend rate so that it’s attainable if it’s really the only time my clients have.  We give them 100% during their session!  It’s high enough, though, that I can put that money toward paying someone to be in the office while I make up a little bit of lost time with the two tiny people that make my world go round.