Baby’s First Year Photo Sessions by Joma

We want to be your Newborn Baby Photographer

Welcome… to Parenthood.

To squeaky little cries and pudgy sweet hands. To stinky diapers and wet kisses and a bundle of love so warm and precious your heart aches.

It’s a great place to be.

As a parent of two, I understand the incredible blessing that is motherhood. I know the thrill of each giggle and smile, and the longing you feel to capture these precious days before they slip away. That’s why we created Year One, a series of sessions during your baby’s first year of life… so you won’t miss a thing.

Take a few moments to check out our Year One information. When you’re ready to invest in Year One for your family, contact us and we will secure your space on our calendar. Oh, and if you need tips on swaddling or nursery wall murals? We can help with that, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always provide two photographers?

Yes!  These moments definitely merit a extra security or at the least, a couple different angles.

How early do you typically show up?

That depends on which package you purchase, but typically, we like to show up during the getting ready process or for finishing touches.

Are you insured?


What do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Mark III with an arsenal of Canon L Series lenses

How long do family formals take?

We are usually able to get through them anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how cooperative the members are and whether or not they were alerted before. We usually work with you at our pre-event consultation to put together a very detailed list. It helps keep everything on track!

Are you more photojournalistic or do you pose everything?

We do a healthy combination of both. We may ask you to go stand in nicer light for a certain segment of getting ready so that the pictures look better, but won’t necessarily pose you. During bridal party formals, we’re more hands on, but for the most part, we just cover what happens.

Will we meet before the wedding?

YES! We will give you homework at the initial signing and ask that you bring it back with you about three weeks prior to the wedding so that we can 1.) work out your schedule for the day 2.) have a list of the bridal party and 3.) ensure we know any special request photos that you have. This is also a good time to give us your final payment.

Do all packages come with an engagement session?

No, but our top one does and you can always add it à la carte.

Where do you normally shoot your engagement sessions?

Anywhere and everywhere – we definitely want to find someplace that is special to you and your future bff forever.

Do we get digital files from the wedding?

For sure, and you’ll receive them in both large and small format so that they’re ready to go depending on whether you’re printing or posting! They’ll be light corrected, color corrected, and cropped. Any print products that you order through our studio will also have detailed editing including teeth whitening, eye brightening, full blemish control, soft touch, and vignette, if it’s appropriate.

How do we get our digital files?

Your files will be provided in a private, password-protected online gallery, and on a disc.

Do you provide albums?

We do! They come with two of our packages and we are very excited to be working with our favorite album companies to provide the most beautiful pieces of storytelling that print can offer.