the fun – the mess – the love

Beauty in lifestyle portraiture

Our goal with family and children portraiture has always been to beautifully capture and preserve a moment in your family’s life that will eventually be a part of your family’s legacy.  Your family is fun.  They make a mess!  And you couldn’t love them more… We have been honored to with work with so many amazing families and are touched by the trust that they have in our ability to capture what’s most precious to them.

Whether we are shooting lifestyle photography in your home, one of your favorite locations, or simply photographing some of your smiles in our studio, we pride ourselves in capturing these moments as beautifully as you’d remember them.

Family portrait sessions with Joma Studios are fun and relaxed. Sessions generally last about an hour, with special time taken to properly capture each family member.

We travel! Sessions can be held at any of your favorite locations, or in the comfort of your own home. We adore capturing a family in their element as it really gives them something vivid to look back on.

Your comfort with us is paramount to our work’s success so here’s a little bit about us! Joleigh plays pool and volleyball, loves wine and sock hats.  She is married to her partner in crime and love of her life, Mike.  They have two highly-entertaining kids: Leo (7) and Lilly (5).  Leo lives for soccer and video games and has completely stolen his mom’s heart.  Lilly is a 5-going on-13-year-old spitfire princess that will take out any boy on the soccer field before closing her eyes and ballerina-leaping away.

Laura loves volleyball, lives for music, quirky socks and will jump at any opportunity to eat Oreos.  She recently married her best friend on the planet, Aaron, and together, they are a beautiful example of how to be in love with all the little things in life.

Your turn! The time we take to get to know you helps us to capture these moments in your life as accurately and beautifully as possible. We both like to joke around but also have a knack for bringing families back to what’s important, and then capturing that on camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?


What do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Mark III with an arsenal of Canon L Series lenses

Are you more photojournalistic or do you pose everything?

We do a healthy combination of both. We may ask you to go stand in nicer light for a certain segment of getting ready so that the pictures look better, but won’t necessarily pose you. During bridal party formals, we’re more hands on, but for the most part, we just cover what happens.

How do we get our digital files?

Your files will be provided in a private, password-protected online gallery, and on a disc.

Do you provide albums?

We do! They come with two of our packages and we are very excited to be working with our favorite album companies to provide the most beautiful pieces of storytelling that print can offer.