So here was a unique situation – I got a call from Danielle Marver, then the events coordinator for Oak Meadows Golf Course, and she wanted to book us for her wedding.  Fast forward a while and I get another call from her saying, “You are going to think I’m crazy… but are you available on Sunday?”  “Sunday”, by the way, was about 6 or 7 weeks before the wedding.  In fact, “Sunday” was the day after Danny (my brother and one of our own photographers) wedding!

Turns out, being the events coordinator for the venue you’ve chosen for your own wedding poses some logistical problems.  Not to mention, apparently attending (or coordinating) too many events in your chosen venue can cause some of the magic to fade.  She told me of her plan to call her friends and family together at her church for a “wedding planning meeting.”  She figured everyone would be in jeans and t-shirts and she didn’t care.  She was wanted to marry Lee.

Well, word evidently got out and her little no-frills church surprise morphed, and quite nicely I might add, into a sweet little intimate ceremony at Evansville’s Casa Finale, owned by Kirk and Sherry Wright.  Friends and family pulled together a beautiful little afternoon in a matter of a couple days and I don’t really think I could even picture Danielle & Lee at a larger venue, now.  It was perfect.  Even the rain was perfect – it opened up just long enough to have the ceremony outside in the courtyard and then provided us with some entertaining weather for a few shots with the couple, outside.  🙂

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did!

Check out an article by Evansville Living on Casa Finale here

Danielle couldn’t say enough about House of White and her gown she purchased there, even though she didn’t get to wear it because of the spur of the moment date change.  We are still trying to talk her into a Rock The Dress session so we can give the dress its time in the spotlight 😉

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