Lynn has the greatest smile ever!

Everything was quiet and peaceful at the park last Tuesday when we rolled up.  Lynn stepped out of her car with her two adorable puppies in tote and a gorgeous wedding gown thrown over her shoulder.  We had to do a little bit of digging to find a spot that wasn’t already being used by other people so needless to say, as we were two unbelievably adorable puppies, two loaded-down photographers (one with a veil on her head) and a bride, we turned quite a few heads before we finally settled on the golf course.  Yes, we had to wait for a court.

Lynn was a total trooper as it was pretty hot that day.  Her puppies, Hickory (tan colored) and Tenny (black) made it really difficult for us to completely focus on the bride as they were easily the cutest things at the park (yes, Lynn, you were the prettiest!).  We shot a bit on the golf course and then moved to an older court where we had to race a guy there to gain access.  As I was lugging a ton of equipment, including a ladder, he won by a long shot.  Luckily, my powers of persuasion convinced him to let us borrow the court for ten minutes to get a few killer shots.  We ended the night with the volleyball players inviting Lynn to  hop in the game for a few.  I might add she made a couple of incredible saves!

Joleigh, Lynn & Tenny

Lynn and some UE Students

All in all, a very fun night with great people and we are so excited to do our next Trash The Dress sessions with Heather and Kim!  Keep an eye out!